Release Date To Be Announced Soon

The movie is set in the year 2003, in Dubai.  It was shot during the same year.

The Story –

A chance meeting between Kate (Susanne Bernert) and Nikhil (Mahesh Shahdadpuri) kicks off a light romantic drama adventure – “Destined Hearts”.

Kate and Nikhil, two complete strangers meet by chance at an auto showroom and after both of them having clinched major business deals decide to celebrate the event together by having coffee and a good time in each other’s company.

As evening falls, obviously they must stop enjoying each other’s companies and go their own ways, however just before leaving Nikhil shows interest in seeing Kate again, and asks her for her cell number. As fate may have it, a small gush of wind blows away the piece of paper from Kate’s hand as she tries to hand it over to Nikhil. Being a firm believer in Destiny, Kate tells Nikhil that this is a sign that Destiny does not want them to be together. However Nikhil insist on meeting Kate again and Kate agrees to meet him after one week exactly at 4 pm, at the same coffee shop they had celebrated their business deal this day, without exchanging any phone numbers and mentions to Nikhil that if he gets late by even a minute over 4 pm, then she would consider that be a confirmed sign from Destiny that it does not want them to be together, and she would leave without seeing me. One week later, Nikhil gets late to meet Kate by 2 minutes. Kate leaves and Nikhil is left in the lurch, without any of her contacts or details or whereabouts.

One Year Later Nikhil, is still looking for Kate. He has turned every stone to look for her, but has been unable to find her. He is now hopelessly in love with her. Nikhil’s best friend Geo (Nitin Mirani) also hasn’t been able to convince Nikhil to move on and look for other partners of the opposite sex. Nor has Nikhil’s Grandfather Dadaji (Ashok Deshpande) and Dadaji’s best friend Kartar (Christopher Davison) been able to convince Nikhil to settle down with another girl. Nikhil is the only sole surviving heir of Dadaji’s huge 99 million US Dollar estate and business and Dadaji is looking forward to Nikhil getting settled with a girl, before his soul departs his body.

Meanwhile, Kate is now living with her best friend Sarah (Sarita Ravi) and is engaged to Lance (Lance Windleburn).

Unfortunately, Nikhil’s Grandfather Dadaji passes away with a small condition to the will, that Nikhil must get married in 6 days after his death to any girl of his choice, or lose the entire inheritance of 99 MILLION DOLLARS to charity! On hearing this news, Nikhil’s best friend Geo and his grandfather’s best friend Kartar, try to convince him and start arranging for him to meet various girls, as potential brides to be married.

But does Nikhil marry any other girl he is NOT in love with ?…Or does he find his soulmate…Kate ?